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“REVOLUCIÓN DOMÉSTIKA” is a play to raise awareness on the fight

“REVOLUCIÓN DOMÉSTIKA” is a play to raise awareness on the fight

Every time a collective carries out a movement in demand of their labour rights, we quickly empathise, we feel like their fight is also ours, because we identify ourselves as the working class which includes the majority of the population and only excludes the most privileged and marginal classes.

We have the example of Las Kellys, everyone understood the reasons they had for fighting to improve their employment status and dignify their profession.

Las Kellys’ fight is inspiring and encouraging, we see that the acts of civil disobedience give results.

So, what do the domestic workers do?

Replace us when we must go out to work.

They are the people who we entrust our children, elders and dependent people.

They are the engine of our society.

The author of “Revolución Doméstika”Ester Carrillo, intends to carry out a campaign of sensibilisation and awareness of the status of the domestic workers’ collective, using the theatre as a social transformation tool.

The plot takes place in a social establishment where many domestic workers are preparing a placard they will take to the protest of the International Women’s Day the next March 8th.

However, not all of them could go to the meeting and neither will all be able to go to the protest.

Using the comedy and the technic of a performance inside a performance to give insight into the daily life of these women, Selenia Arnau will be the director of the play that features 6 actresses and an actor. 

The premiere of the play will be on October 18th as part of the Rock&Books Festival’s schedule, in La Alameda de Colon, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

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Additionally, the play has been picked by the Circuito de Artes Escénicas and the author and director hope they can take it to different towns of the island throughout the next months.

“We join the domestic workers’ fight, we want to make them visible, report their situation, demand an equation of their rights with the rest of the working class.

We are certain that when you learn about their situation you will also join the fight”.  

Ester and Selenia

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