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“Sharp Jazz” a XXI century music rapprochement by Carlos Meneses

“Sharp Jazz” a XXI century music rapprochement by Carlos Meneses

Meneses conceives Sharp Jazz as a subgenre from modern jazz in a little talk about his new album.

”Jazz can be sharpened. It cannot be beautified but you can make the content much better. Interpretation is a sound poem dedicated to music where I can tell beautiful stories after the long-term studies I’ve been learning during my whole life.

I’m willing to transmit the good times I’ve spent playing with one of my instruments and how I’ve turned my way to a new direction.

Sharp Jazz means: constant división, energy, dynamism, free dealt improvisation, simple music elements development, constant evolution of an instrument by practising and the adaptation of old and new structural concepts. 

In this album there are no drums, I’ve assumed a rhythm element by playing double-bass and piano. All these elements boost the music you can listen to in “Sharp Jazz”.

This EP was recorded in his home between April and June 2020. 

Now it is on sale. It was released on the 23rd of October 2020.

“Sharp Jazz” counts with 4 songs and 2 intros completely original and inedits from Carlos Meneses. It was made with novelty elements (bow playing, two voices double-bass recording and 3 voices piano playing).

He tell us: 

I have challenged myself to explore new music areas: to record without any drums, to amplify possibilities of the double-bass and the piano trying new paths. I have combined traditional jazz with modern jazz and I have put together classical music and contemporaneous elements.

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The few rules I’ve followed during the recording of this album were to leave less space to technical requirements and to leave “more space in the room” to enjoyment and exploration. I recorded myself the double-bass and the piano during the whole recording process. I explored a new whole lenguaje in the instruments that I love, trying to make me feel loyal to the initial idea of my new compositions.

I enjoyed myself during the recording of the album and also during the audiovisual content related to it in a marvellous location.

We are willing to meet him soon accompanied by huge names of the music scene.