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Tabaiba Reggae show their first cross-cultural debut album

Tabaiba Reggae show their first cross-cultural debut album

With a homonymous title, this first release with nine tracks is an honest and positive musical project from 8 musicians from different parts of the world.

Tabaiba Reggae is a honest, positive and cross-cultural discographic work recorded in the Canary Islands and London and it’s materialised  in 9 tracks with many different perspectives, most of them are vitalist and share positivity and there are many other focused of the social issues of the current times like gender violence.

This band is composed by 8 musicians in 2019 from many parts of the world.

They are settled in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and right now they are in the most creative point of their career, the mix jamaican and latinoamerican rhythms trying not to lose their canary touch to any song they compose. They want to share a positive message but with a social conscience innuendo.

Collaborations in this album is a call to canary artists who wanted to share this process with Tabaiba Reggae.

In this case, the album counts with Arístides Moreno, who wanted to add a bit of his magic in the track “Ven a Disfrutar del Sol”, which will be the head of the album.

It is a Funky-Reggae single which endures the Canary Islands and their idiosyncrasy.

“Si no duele no es amor” it’s an anthem featured by Irene Drive. Although Tabaiba Reggae is a project with a really positive apparience, they also have a room to reivindicacion. In this particular song, they sing about the gender violence, told by the kids’ side, which are the forgotten victims of this miserable reality.

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Musical Production was made by Kamil Zelaa, the band’s trompet but he also played many other instruments. He’s also known as a producer of reggae and ska music.

Pedro Alejandro Valido, coordinates the music engineering, the mixing and mastering.

Recorded in A3Pro Studio in Gran Canaria and Fullfat Studio in London.