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The burlesque is ironic, comical and sensual but above all it is elegant, Evita de Vil

The burlesque is ironic, comical and sensual but above all it is elegant, Evita de Vil

«Evita de Vil», alter ego of Eva Cabrera (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1983) is the biggest representative of the burlesque in our islands. A dancer from the Canary Islands who is very expressive, charismatic and elegant on the stages. With a very picky music selection and a staging that has nothing to envy of the artists of the golden age in Hollywood, takes us in every performance to the great past eras, the 40s and 50s of the past century.

Her dresses are handmade by her, a skill that her grandmother taught her and she also designs her choreography, since at her beginnings she was classical dancer. She has performed in different Festivals of Rockabilly in the islands and in numerous theme parties.

We will be able to enjoy her show on Friday the 12th of July in San Telmo Park, Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, inside the International Big Bang Vintage Festival, around 22:30h and also on the Saturday the 20th of July in the show Big Bang Cabaret: Show Final together with other great artists in the Guiniguada Theatre, Mesa de León s/n – Vegueta.

She started classical dancing at the school and since then hasn’t stopped: hip-hop and funky, modern dance, and a finally burlesque and her last discovery, the pole dance.

In each show she tells us a different story, from the first one where she turned into a camera, homage to the American dinners of the 50s, to the references to the Andrew Sisters… many times she is inspired by music, a song, and develops the performance around that cause.

She has her own signature, she is charismatic, but at the same time, she takes us in every show to the fineness and the irony, with the elegance and quality dreamt in cabarets of other eras, you can see in her greats like Bettie Page.

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A friend baptised her as Evita de Vil, for her point as Cruela, and since then the lovers of the burlesque follow her wherever he acts, although she doesn’t dismiss taking the leap someday to the Peninsula with the spectacular feather and feather boa designs she herself makes with mastery.

Eva works every day in a well-known clothing business, but her hard and constant work is enjoyed and recognised when she is on a stage. She overflows art in her attitude facing life, she is a great dancer.

Photos: Sensofia Boudoir & Portrait