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Wear a Moustache… Movember has begun

Wear a Moustache… Movember has begun

Movember is a rockstar community which has collected money to concern about mental health, testicle, prostate cancer and suicide prevention.


Log in and help to make the difference in men healthy habits:

Movember, a word which mixes Moustache and November is an annual event where men let their moustaches grow for a month.

They organise meetings with the main intention of concern people about men’s health.

Since 2003, Movember has financed more than 1250 men’s health projects around the world, challenging the status quo, enforcing investigation on the field and transforming the way of how the health services reach and support men.

By 2030, they have proposed to reduce men’s mortality by 25%.

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Throughout visibility given by the moustache, the social movement wants to generate a debate and to concern people about the importance of regular medical inspections and to ask for help.

“With the collected money, we finance innovative projects on mental health, 1250 projects for now. We have made a huge impact and we are sure we’ll make it bigger” the founders said. 

You just have to wear a moustache the 1st of November and to log in the web of the foundation:

“Use the power of your moustache to generate a conversation and to collect funds for men’s health”