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Wine route of gran canaria becomes the first certified route in the canary islands

Wine route of gran canaria becomes the first certified route in the canary islands

Wine Route of Gran Canaria was presented publically. After a long process of preparings, establishments settings and certification processes, the etnotouristic producto will be release after being certified by ACEVIN (Wine Routes of Spain Associations), whose vice president, Rafael Angel Llamas, greeted the grancanarian project during this presentation. We are talking about the first certified Wine Route from the Canary Islands,something that locates Gran Canaria as a role model for ethno tourism in the islands.

This project has a bigger inner strategy, The Island Program of Wine Culture Development, which main objective is to promote this sector in the island with bigger lands to impulse this crops, not only fomenting the local production and the way and techniques to cultivate vineyards but improving the strategic sector of preserving the rural landscapes and to avoid desertification of the soil and fires.  

Sandra Armas, president of the Route of Wine of Gran Canaria affirmed “the wine sector is growing exponentially in Gran Canaria, with an increase of young farmers and more quality wines in general”. Route of Wine of Gran Canaria will complement the touristic offer of the island, in the exact moment when ethno tourism is on trend in the whole country”. The President of Protection and Designation of Origin Council in Gran Canaria, Pedro Suárez, also highlighted “Route of Wine is an initiative which makes possible the wine sector to generate a more responsible tourism which improves the resources and the incoming from those who enjoy it. Its impact on the sector may increment the general benefits and to avoid the economical necessities of it. 

Between the 52 establishments who started the start of this Route, it included 10 wineries, 11 restaurants, 7 accomodation places, 7 touristic guides, 6 intermediaries, 6 specialised shops, 3 agroindustrial establishments with a high interest for tourism and 2 bochinches. A total of 52 initial establishments which will be added many more who are able to meet the requirements in september.

Route of Wine in Gran Canaria in a project which counts with their initial founders VINIGRAN, AIDER Gran Canaria, Activa Canarias y Gran Canaria Natural & Active. As well as the Council of Gran Canaria, represented by the Council of the First Sector and Food Soberany and SPEGC they perform as aim partners. In addition to this, the first directive meeting counts with some representing leaders from the restaurants, the specialised shops and the intermediaries from tourism who are involved in the project.