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Alfred Hitchcock, the man behind the camera

Alfred Hitchcock, the man behind the camera

We cannot talk about cinema without mentioning this great director.

Although as an artist he is a reference and his legacy is unquestionable, as a person he was something undesirable.

He was famous for his habit of playing practical jokes. Janet Leigh’s scream during the scene in Psycho (1960) was actually recorded when the actress found a skeleton in her dressing room.

He said that actors should be treated like cattle, applying this saying especially with women. Actress Tippi Hedren accused him of “sadistic behavior” as she was subjected to an actual bird attack and demanded that she “be sexually available to him wherever and whenever he wanted.”

I chose blondes because they were the best victims. “They are like virgin snow showing traces of blood.”

Among the many injustices by which the Academy has been characterized, it is for having denied the coveted golden statuette to the controversial director, 16 of his films were nominated and 50 times in total for the Oscar.

He didn’t want to meet Steven Spielberg. He told him that he was his idol and that he only asked for five minutes. Hitchcock told her that she couldn’t meet him because she looked at him and felt like a whore. :

“Because I am the voice of the Jaws game (in the Universal Studios park), I had paid him a million dollars for it.

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According to IMDB, the most popular movie for the public is Psycho.

The first movie without THE END, Hitchcock breaks that norm in The Birds because the movie doesn’t have an ending. The characters simply leave the house to an uncertain fate…

With the death in the heels (1959) enthusiastic Ian Fleming, writer of the novels of James Bond. For this, the writer contacted Hitchcock. He wanted the English director to bring Casino Royale to the screen, with Cary Grant as Bond.

Hitchcock rejected the proposal. With death at his heels, he inspired the tone, pace, and style of Agent 007 vs. Dr. No (1962).