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Dácil Bueno Melián, the first frontpage after the chaos. The hope and the culture

Dácil Bueno Melián, the first frontpage after the chaos. The hope and the culture

The past month of May, in the middle of the lockdown, we received a mail from the Escuela de Arte de Gran Canaria, from the Upper Grade Educational Cycle of Photography.

Inside it, the professor Marta Delgado showed interest for her students to carry out internships with us, La Brujula ocio y cultura.

It was a boost of positive energy which made us throw ourselves into helping the students, giving them the task of doing, no more and no less, than the frontpage of the month after the lockdown, in this sanitary crisis. 

After a lot of thinking and deciding between the works given by the students, we chose the work of Dácil Bueno.

We believe it was the best fit and the one that summarised the message of hope and return to the culture we desired to delivered in these troubled times. We hope you like it as much or more than we do.

In another article we will show you her other works, all outstanding…

Dácil Bueno has been a graphic designer for more than 15 years, she studied Fine Arts in the University of La Laguna and has two master of design from the University of Barcelona and Escuela Elisava. 

As a designer she has worked in various projects for different branches and agencies, where she learned how to be a multifaceted professional, adapted to the technology and to deal with all kind of creative projects, developing with her experience the ability of knowing the projects and the people.  

The photography always stayed by her side and with it, she brought to life the emotions that were limited by the design; what made her specialize in Photography in the Escuela de Arte de Gran Canaria.

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It was her way out with which she could represent her most private side and her artistic sensibilities, turning it into her tool of expression and experimentation that she has been working with for years.  

Her concern for the photography and the different authors improves her work, making it deep and versatile.

With the light, the movement and the reflection, her analogic or digital photography, mainly in black and white, seeks further than the lens, the essence of what she observes, to give shape to a radiograph of the soul.

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