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EdukaAmbiente or how to improve the protection of our natural and agricultural heritage

EdukaAmbiente or how to improve the protection of our natural and agricultural heritage

EduKAmbiente is a new company of Environmental Education which promotes our natural and agricultural heritage, saving the possibility of connecting with new canary realities through collaborations with public and private entities.

By means of sensitibization and sensibilitation towards the environment, any citizen has the possibility of investigating his own ecological topics, giving them tools focused on liable decisions and improving critical thinking. Environmental Education is a long process, but currently is getting importance to encourage people to develop ecological and healthy habits.

The company has settled some activities focused on this values:

•    Environmental Education in Primary and High Schools.

•    Guided tours for families or groups.

•    Recreational/instructives Workshops

•    Career Talks

•    Project developments

FincAmbiente is the first family dynamization and sensibilisation project through recreational activities in “EL VISO’s Farm (Telde).

The specific objectives are the botanical and agricultural disclosure regarding the seasonal products from the island. The main term is to promote a healthy eating habit around the contestants.To know and to use the tools to investigate our natural resources.

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To investigate and to identify the native plants. To educate about the plant’s structure and development helping communities to protect our flora and our regional ecosystems.

In this project many activities has been suggested::

•    Guided tour through the Farm in collaboration with EMPADE Asociation, EcoHuare, Somos Maday and Alfa Digital.

•    On-line talks about El Viso farm and their healthy food habits
•    Disclousuring information in social networks like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube videos.

+ Info:

  • Facebook: EdukAmbiente
  • Instagram: EdukAmbiente_canarias
  • Email:
  • Phone: Luciana Tutino +34 660475962
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