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A new original album from LOS SALVAPANTALLAS

A new original album from LOS SALVAPANTALLAS

It seemed like this 2020 wasn’t the most productive year for Los Salvapantallas but it turned out as a big anniversary for them in the end.

The 20th anniversary of the band’s first gig was in November and it was in the iconic Cuasquías Bar. They were planning a big event! 

But unfortunately this quarantine forced them to change the schedule…

This forced break didn’t desmotivate this band and they took advantage of this whole situation to start writing, composing and recording an original álbum.

The name of the album will be “Héroe de Papel”, and it will include 10 original songs.

This work will be released in December, and the exact date will be published soon.

This will be the 5th album of the band in their 20 years-career. After 4 cover albums, this year, they’ve decided to bring something new to their followers.

The recording process was developed during April and October of this weird year between two studios “LSP Studios” and ”Pin Up Recordings”. This project has been set up mostly by the whole band, but it counts with some collaborations from some of their best friends… 

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Héroe de Papel’s first single will be “Déjame” which is out now and has a video clip recorded in the north of Gran Canaria.

The band has finished this project full of enthusiasm, positive energy and music passion and they’ve tried to show a new side of their work which a lot of people disregarded. They are positive in coming back to the stages safely and better than ever!

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