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“Royalty Now” or how important historic characters would seem like nowadays by Becca Saladín

“Royalty Now” or how important historic characters would seem like nowadays by Becca Saladín

Nefertiti, the Gioconda, Napoleon, Elizabeth II, Caligula… Have you ever wondered what they would look like currently?

Before photography was invented, we had to trust sculptures, paintings and written descriptions to figure out how a famous historic carácter looked. Of course, these descriptions weren’t completely in line with reality.

For example, experts are not sure how tall Napoleon was indeed after all these years.

The graphic designer and history lover Becca Saladin, tries to replicate some of these historic famous characters as they would look like nowadays and, sincerely, the results are quite stunning!

Becca has been mesmerised by history and archaeology since she was a little girl, she decided to start this project called “Royalty Now” in february 2019. In that time, her first attempt was to recreate her favourite historic carácter, Ana Bolena, as a current citizen.

“I wanted to know if I would be able to add some life to the old and flat portraits we conserved from her” the artist said.

This project was created to calm Saladin’s curiosity, but eventually, her Instagram account is full of expectant followers waiting for her next work. Now the artist is trying to develop this project into something bigger.

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“I think events from the past are those things that make us human: the corpses of Pompeya, the perfectly conserved inca mummies, the belongings from those of centuries ago and many more things” the artist said.

Would you like to watch Becca Salin’s work?

You’ll find it in Instagram as @royalty_now_/