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Eneri concept, created in Italy and grown in the Canary Islands

Eneri concept, created in Italy and grown in the Canary Islands

Irene Polinelli, borned in Verona, Italy in 1995.

She began to paint, to create and to take photos during her childhood. She participated in expos and art contests. In 2019 she moved out to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 2019 where she continued to study in La Escuela de Arte de Gran Canaria photography and fashion design, she started to think about creating a personal fashion line and experimenting with digital art. She creates many types of art: paintings, clothes, murals, bars and restaurants, she creates personalized and digital illustrations, inspired on the small things in life.

ENERI CONCEPT, was founded in 2020, is a registered brand which makes her able to put together her passion for art, photography and fashion.

When she was asked what she wanted to be she responded “a job completely different every day and where to put together painting, drawing and anything creative. She wanted to the the owner of her own time” So she is trying to achieve this dream… 

Her inspiration has always been people: their details, their expressions and their feelings.

In her art she represents women, she is more inspired with this collective. Women have a beautiful body, different and asymmetric, imperfect and at the same time, marvelous in many aspects. She represents them around natural environments with wonderful colors and contrasts.

She told us:

´´If I only look at you, I can see inspiration. Each day we are living around objects, people, colors which generate positive or negative emotions. From them and throughout my thoughts and dreams my illustrations become real…