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My particular world under the sea, Natalia Brandolin

My particular world under the sea, Natalia Brandolin

Natalia Brandolin, borned in Buenos Aires, underwater dancer Artistic Swimmer, director and teacher in the Mermaid’s School.

She started to practise Dancing when she was only 8 years old until she discovered Artistic Swimming when she was a teenager, a sport which has everything she was looking for: wáter, dancing and creativity. 

She studied Physical Education and she specialized in Underwater Sports. After working as a coach and teacher in many sport clubs, in 2010 she created the Mermaid’s School, a learning swimming school (NOT COMPETITIVE).

She decided to begin this project in Gran Canaria thanks to the Club Marítimo Varadero. Mermaid’s School tries to enhance the pleasure of the swimming environment and to accept any person who wants to join the School without the need of getting into a competition. From kids to adults and seniors.

She’s also a great dancer and nowadays she’s taking part of her time creating under the water where her stage is.

She told us:

´´There’s where I feel free to express myself and to move as I want, like a fish in a tank. I love every part of the creative process, getting the costumes and video or photo edition, an important part of the creative process and the promotion of it on social media. The result is always exciting and it gives me the reason to keep creating different things”.

Mermaid’s School Photographer: Fabian Ortiz. Instagram: @blazedrone 

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