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An edible flower

An edible flower

I was waiting for February to come. It’s time to go hiking and to enjoy the marvelous scenarios of our countryside, following the paths to the top of the mountains, the meeting point of our islands.

Here is where we find the previous hall to spring, which may arrive soon with its valuable fruit. A fruit which has been the main value from the bakery store of our hills and highest points from the islands.

It may be the most recognizable producto in the local pastries, included in our marzipans, bienmesabe, stuffed almonds and polvorones… It’s not only a Christmas food. We sell these products all year in the mountains.

This story takes place in the 60’s, where pastries write their legacy with honey, almonds, sugar and cinnamon. During these years, women collected almonds or they bought them from another to elaborate their own almond’s cakes.. 

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Something curious from this story is the home made origin from these snacks. The only process which was made outside from home was using the oven of the local bakery.

The Ruta del Almendro en Flor de Gran Canaria (the Flowering Almond Tree’s Route of Gran Canaria) allows the public to enjoy the unique landscapes of the countryside of Gran Canaria. To practise hiking and to enjoy the characteristic taste and nutritional value of almonds.