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Mark Maggiori goes deep inside the romantic west american lifestyle

Mark Maggiori goes deep inside the romantic west american lifestyle

The first trips made to the USA by Mark Maggiori were placed in the windows of the car he was driving from New York to San Francisco.

It was a month trip, full of marvellous landscapes from the many natural reservations of the country and some lights completely out of time from Occident. This trip was made by his family when he was only 15 years old, he was abroad and way far from his home in France, but this first impact established an inner fascination for Occident which will follow him during the whole of his life.

Years later, back in Paris, he applied to the famous Academie Jullian. There, Ernest L. Blumenschein, Burt Geer Philips and Joseph Henry Sharp who studied with him, worked together to set up the Artist Association of Taos.

After receiving a formal education in academic draw studies, Mark decided to change his life through music.

After achieving a big name in the music industry, he went back to the USA and he travelled with his wife alongside the west. These trips led them to participate in the same road journey he went two decades before, that trip which made him discover the beauty behind the american west.

It was then, when he was 36, he took the decision of painting the occidental art.

In a few years, Mark became one of the best occidental artists who are currently working..

Henry Farny, following the path of Mark, decided to move out to the american southwest to Paint the interesting faces of the region, but Mark has consolidated his position in the industry of art following the occidental art discipline, a place where his own job (influenced by Frank Tenney Johnson, Herbert “Buck” Dunton, Tom Ryan and Bill Owen) is still producing spectation in the minds of the young and old collectionists.

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Contemplating the paintings and draws of Mark is to be transported to the far and old american west, his realistic paintings, full of life, make their spectators be amazed by its own beauty.

Would you like to see more of Mark Maggiori’s work?

You can find his own work in his Instagram page @markmaggiori/ or in his own web