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Moscas en la Playa is the name of the new album by the versatile Juan Belda

Moscas en la Playa is the name of the new album by the versatile Juan Belda

This is the new album with the Bit Band, recorded with the Altafonte label, as always in a classic band format (drums, keyboards, bass, guitar and brass), made between 2020 and 2022 and unlike the other four previous ones, He has sought the motivations in his own home.

As everyone has been part of this secluded time, looking for stimuli in everyday life, reading, social networks, his relationship with the neighborhood, the world of his beloved dog, etc…

There have been no trips, no concerts, nor has he been stimulated by experiencing new things in different places.

As in the previous albums, it maintains the same concept of Lp, each song is a chapter of an idea, all the songs are related to each other, forming a small story (although each one doesn’t need the others, they are also independent).

The title “Flies on the Beach” is for one of the songs, the only one he didn’t do at this time, it’s from 1987, when he was sick for a while and couldn’t leave the house…

The musicians who have participated are:

Jorge Pardo, Enrico Barbaro, Juanjo Orti, Pelayo Arrizabalaga, Javier Colis, Markus Breuss, George Marti, Iñaki Araquistain, Miguel Gil, Hugo Westerdahl, Pedro Barcelo, Samuel Tarraco and Epi Lorente.

And his work “Vilnux” is also released on vinyl, together with Pelayo Arrizabalaga, an avant-garde electronic music record, which was recorded live, before the Covid 19 pandemic, in Madrid (Sala 0, Palacio de la Prensa), in Lithuania (Satellite Braille Festival) and in Tenerife (Kerox Festival in February 2020).

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Apart from working with his band, today, he develops his career making electronic music and composing for ballet, theater, television, cinema and even for video games. In 2022 he has worked with the ballet company “Metamorphosis Dance” in some of its productions, one of them, “CreaAcción”, has won the MAX 2022 award in the Best Choreography and Best Lighting categories, an award for which Juan Belda was also nominated in the category of best Musical Composition.