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Nelly Meijer: Digital Nomad, a new way of living

Nelly Meijer: Digital Nomad, a new way of living

A digital nomad is a professional which uses technology to perform a remote job in any part of the world, but they make a huge difference in the way of living of the ancient nomads.

Digital Nomads are connected to a social-economical process related to the employment sector in this XXI century, we are still in the beginning of this revolution but it will free the profesional against the material and geographic barriers, schedules and permanent working hours.

This sector of employment has increased their users during 2020 but after the sanitary crisis due to COVID19, freelancers have chosen to live travelling around the world without the restrictions of a normal job.

However this new way of living is presenting new challenges such as:

– to separate work time from free time

– to search estable wifi connection all the time

– keep in touch with friends and family

Moving around to any country may require them to get adapted to their legislation, time zone and the language and also, sometimes work visas or having international medical insurance are mandatory.

There are three types of profiles where a digital nomad can be included:

After choosing our monthly cover dedicated to DIGITAL NOMADS, we had the chance to meet Nelly Meijer, borned in Holland whose job is related to digital marketing and publicity.

She comes and leaves Gran Canaria in 2018 first as a tourist and maybe soon or later, she will stay permanently in the capital of the island, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

She tells us that more than 800 nomads, from more than 50 countries around the world, have their work center in our island, Gran Canaria.

The average age of these professionals is 35 years old, but there are some of them who are around their 20’s or their 65’s. They found this island as a beautiful place where to settle down.

The most common activities of these professionals are related to new technologies, digital marketing, digital content creators and also counseling services and sales, software development, web designers, SEO experts, community managers, photographers, video producers, professional bloguers, language teachers and many other options.

This place counts with amazing weather, beautiful shores, excellent food and calm way of living life. We have a different process than Europe and that’s something than digital nomads are looking for when choosing a new location where to perform their activities:

Nelly told us:

– Canary Islands is a tiny Paradise which is completely separated from the worst of the world.

Many digital nomads visited us during the last years and after the sanitary crisis they have duplicated their number, some of them decided to stay and to establish families and buy houses to stay here forever.

This circumstances makes Nelly to be a digital nomad, she had a brilliant idea during the past 2020, put all her contact together into a new app.

She made this to help the community, to make life easier between them and to help them to know where to spend their best places where to work, where to spend the free or just to meet and chat and share experiences between each other.

She developed this new APP Social Media which will be launched soon. It will be called LIVE IT UP, LAS PALMAS!

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It will be installed in the free app Mighty Networks.

The App has a clear message; to experience the best of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, improve life of digital nomads and to enjoy the best this island can offer.

Our platform, La Brújula ocio y cultura, will share all our experiences to make them find the best plans and the best places on the island. It will be a free app, like a social network and designated specifically to sectoral professionals.

Nelly told us the only thing she is still demanding on this island is a place where to work calmly with a great Internet connection at reasonable prices… There are plenty of places in the world where these establishments have been settled in the shape of cafes or coworking studios.

We must bet on the development of this sector in the Canary Island, there are plenty benefits to implements that can be worth to our turismo or our local economy.

In the capital there are plenty of useful places where to find a meeting point or to perform any cyber work Imaginario drinks&music, Buen Lugar, Motown, Soppa de Azul  or Cafetería San Remo

Thanks Nelly for making this island huge with your words and thanks to any digital nomad for choosing Gran Canaria.

During a crisis, if you are concerned about your environment you will take advantage of it, there is always a place for us to stay, you only have to stay focused and with all your professional weapons charged to take your next train….

Life is only one, your country is where you live, your flag is where you work and your love is something you’ll carry with you anyway.

Thanks to Andrés Barbero, owner of Imaginario Drinks&Music for being and for staying by