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Sanches is the new solo project of the grancanarian musician Samuel SO, member of the band Aburrido Cósmico (singuer, guitarist and composer). 

The project borned as an idea of showing songs that have never had a space into any other project of this musician and as a motivated reason to compose new songs and to start a new career.

Everything was conceived alongside El Quebradero (a production tándem formed by Alby Ramírez and Sergio Miró) and they agreed to start it in Pin Up Recordings studio in Gran Canaria.Like in any other music project, they had to set up a band to record the album. That music collective was formed by Alby Ramírez as a guitarist (and many other gadgets), Sergio Miró as a drummer, Rafa Daza as a bassist and Samuel itself as a singer and adding some guitar lines. 

They performed some rehearsals to shape some details trying to finish the songs. In this recording (made during the lockdown) it was cooked slowly, letting the songs flow until reaching short composition, main objective all along the album.

There were many music features, adding some pluses that some of the songs required.

Initially, from this recording process came out 11 songs under the name of “Romances de tarifa plana” which will be available at the end of february, first of march and of course, in every digital platform.

To label this album in an gendre is quite hard to do, we could say it¡s pop, indiepop, pop/rock, alternative… But Samuel bet on encapsulating it as a pop album. Now, you can find a single in the shape of a video clip (made by Samuel itself) called “Quiero estar” it can be found in his YouTube channel. 

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You’ll have to wait until his official launch on live, we’ll be waiting to see Sanches on a stage. 


  • Instagram: @sanchesband
  • Youtube: Sanches
  • Facebook: Sanches