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See you in Teror…

See you in Teror…

September, you arrived without warning, but you know, we still have summer to enjoy and this year more than ever. At this time we can say that, if we return to normality, nothing on the island returns to its rhythm until after Pino.

Do you plan to do the Camino?

Get up early, fresh. Put on a backpack and a reflective vest, the path begins. It won’t be more than two hours at a good pace and now more than you can take over the new bridge, but if you go the “WELL-KNOWN” path don’t hesitate to stop at the “Fuente Agria” and drink from there directly, you will realize that that tastes very different, a source that since 1916 supplies water to the town and to the entire Canary Islands, those registered in the town can still go to get water.

Let’s follow the path, we arrive at the church and quickly, to recharge our batteries, it’s time to have breakfast!!! and here comes the feast and what a feast.

A classic that cannot be missed whether you like it or not, (which you will like) but which is already a tradition implanted in the people of this island, Gran Canaria. This is the Teror chorizo ​​sandwich. Look for a cafeteria or a street stall (these days the town will be full), ask for a sandwich of San Mateo bread and make it Matalauva (an ingredient that always surprises visitors), with chorizo ​​from Teror with or without semi-cured cheese I always order it with cheese.

Now comes the debate, what to drink??? The tradition is to taste the Strawberry Clipper, it is the flavor combination that has become the flag of parties and maintaining a relationship since 1956, making friends along the way. Or a beer or a glass of wine, let’s see that everything depends on the time you arrive in town, at least ask for the soda for the obligatory buchito, which is always time to hydrate.

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Have you tried it? They say that if you don’t try it, you won’t do the Camino.

In addition, I would recommend that you leave a little space, since you cannot leave the town without trying the pastry shop of the Cistercian nuns or the Benítez sweet shop. From the nuns, if or if I would look for the sweet potato trout and in the candy store, I would let myself go, look for the “fried egg”, meatloaf, trout and other delicacies… that have been lovingly sweetening the entire island for 80 years.

See you in Teror?. That September tastes like the Villa Mariana and this year its festivities return, which you should not miss.