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The artist behind the mask, Román Tavío

The artist behind the mask, Román Tavío

After many years of his experience in Gambia, Román Tavío has decided to reflect his own reminders on canvas.

His recent art exhibition, “Gambia, an unforgettable trip” shown in CICCA with more than 23 original works (which are being sold in his web), has been well received by the canary and the international public.

The artist explained to us he has tried in every piece to preserve the empathy, trying not to disrespect the country which amazed him. 

“I decided to dive in the pool making something that made me feel full inside. At the moment I took all those photos in Gambia and I painted them on canvas. I tried to express them humbly and with the whole love of the world”

Román Tavío borned in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria the 11th of march of 1968, their parents are settled down in the Canary Islands, he grew up in a humble family where music and painting were always present in his childhood. 

“My own passion for painting and drawing began when I was a baby, for me, art is a way to express my emotions and to enjoy my inner world”.

Art is a safe place for Tavío. 

His paintings are influenced by figurative expressionism, he gives the scenes and characters their own expressivity and subjective perspective. Violent colors are invading the paintings to add some expressivity and emotion.

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Tavío has’t painted a piece for 15 years, in his travelling bag was no paintbrushes, but a camera. And through a personal filter, suddenly he got in love with Gambia and their attitude against life. Their amability, their smiles, their sights and their particular way of hearing, knowing and meeting foreigners.

In the cover of this edition of August you may appreciate Kankurang, is a primitive ritual very scary for those who witness them. The principal character is a young man dressed with wood crust colored in red, shouting and screaming around the village.

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