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The sustainability of buying vintage or second hand in Gran Canaria

The sustainability of buying vintage or second hand in Gran Canaria

Vintage or second hand is a trend that never goes out of style. We remember that since the 1980s, traveling to London meant seeing dozens of stores of this type. But it is that here, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, we stocked up from the Second Hand store, with no known name, located under the Obelisk on Tomás Morales street.

We bought clothes from the United States, jeans, jackets, shirts, and it was also mandatory that if you were going to ski on the peninsula, you should buy warm clothes.

To say that vintage is in fashion already sounds out of date. Because it is no longer a trend but a status quo. In a way of understanding consumption, decoration or fashion that, although it may seem paradoxical, has nothing to do with nostalgia at the moment, although among some urban tribes it is still consumed to find those clothes from other times. The punks, rockers, pin up girls or mods will always be souls in pain in search and capture of the oldest pieces.

Are there trends today?

It is difficult to define them because right now what prevails is eclecticism in everything, fashion, music, art.

It is a lifestyle, it has to do with freedom of expression, with wearing what you want and that you feel identified, but, above all, comfortable or free.

Those who investigate the emotional mechanisms of the matter say that the objects of the past have a special aura, they are singular, unique pieces. For this reason, there are more and more people who flee from trends, who are looking for pieces that they will not find anywhere else.

And that is where these types of establishments come into play, for whose management it is as or more important to know how to buy than to know how to sell.

And what is changing is the customer’s profile. More and more young people buy. People who become independent and who care much more about the aesthetics of their home or their wardrobe.

Polaroids, vinyls, retro chairs, flowered shirts, bell-bottoms… Fetish objects turned into fashion icons through the art and magic of a love of vintage.


The search for originality, the prestige of the design of certain brands, but the impossibility of paying what that new garment would cost and a renewed awareness of reuse, are the characteristics that have led to this way of life, of thought.

And nothing more sustainable than reusing something that no longer served and turning it into something else, giving it a new light.

The 3 R’s, Reuse, Recycle and Reduce.


Below we show you some of the spaces or shops where you can buy second-hand fashion or decoration in Gran Canaria.

If you know more, do not hesitate to send us their addresses and contact

Check this out!:

– Langosta Vintage Studio

C/ Canalejas 26

– Talleres Palermo

C/ República Dominicana 18

– Canarias Vintage

C/ Gran Canaria 6

– La Opalina – Galeria de lo antigüo

Calle Alemania 61 – Bajo

– Masap Antiquario y coleccionista

Calle Alcalde Fco. Hernández González 6 – Vegueta

– Toc Market


– SecondMark

C/ San Nicolás, 9

– Tienda La vieja bohemia

C/ Dolores de la Rocha 43 – Vegueta

– La Deco Antigüedades

C/ Reyes Católicos 7 – Vegueta

– El Rincón del Lector

C/. San Marcial 3 (Lateral Catedral)

– Deco Antiq Vintage Shop

C/ Valencia 12 bajo, esquina C/Alfredo Calderón