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What is Entrekokedamas?

What is Entrekokedamas?

Armonía y personalidad dentro de un arte natural. Las kokedamas es una técnica japonesa mHarmony and personality within a natural art. The kokedamas is a very old Japanese technique and its meaning is Koke=Moss and Dama=Ball, to recreate a habitat in a living pot.

The elaboration is completely handmade allowing the life and growth of a plant without a pot, it is made with a ball of natural substrate where they are surrounded with natural vegetable fibers and tied with hemp or jute thread.

Why does Entrekokedamas use vegetable fibers and not moss?

It is because moss are CO2 filters, which is why it is decided to change and be more sustainable.

Eastern philosophy has shown its respect and admiration for nature. Contemplation and relaxation have been a purpose for which they have developed highly specialized techniques, giving a spiritual message that transforms natural art into a way of life.

Contemplating a kokedama in your home, event, wedding, work meeting, or as part of any space, is to create a bond with nature providing beauty, balance and harmony.

The entrepreneur Belén Morales has been working for many years in the environmental, landscape, gardening and agriculture areas, with a clear respect and admiration for nature itself.

´´When I started making kokedamas there was a total connection. I fell in love with this art from the beginning and where I want to stay, ´´ she tells us.

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