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ANY TIME IN THE PAST WAS BETTER (Reboot, remakes y spin-off)

ANY TIME IN THE PAST WAS BETTER (Reboot, remakes y spin-off)

If you are one of those who thinks that “Wax On, Wax Off” was an effective process to learn karate, those who watched every single movie of Bruce Lee or if you are one of those who heard your father bad-pronouncing the name of the actor Kurt Douglas (Kurt Duglas, Kir Daglas), I must say you we belong to the same generation, also known “The Nostalgic Generation”. But what are the common points that we share?

The Message, to claim our passion for the cultural icons from our times.

A simple look at the cinema’s billboards gives us the reason: remakes have appeared again, stronger than Rambo.

From the biggest productions like “The Avengers’, bringing back to life characters like BatmanSuperman o Spiderman, tv shows like Stranger Things or The Mandalorian, with a highlighted melancholic innuendo. 

Many other heroes have never left us, like Stallone whose legs are not tumbling to make another Rocky movie, and it’s not Mission Impossible for Tom Cruise to shoot another Top Gun film after 35 years.

It’s possible that Harrison Ford shall leave his Millenium Falcon again to star again his memorable character of Indiana Jones in a new-brand film.

When I was younger, I never got bored though we only had two TV channels. For example, we had the tv show from Alfred Hithcock who always tricked us with his subtle plots. In fact, he’s the King of Suspense. 

I’m really concerned that in cinema everything is already created. That’s why I get upset when they recommend that I watch Narcos. I’ve watched Scarface a thousand times. Try to get over Al Pacino!

Is evident that we are suffering a creative crisis along the industry since the last few years, even when they are hiding behind researching the roots of cinema and their origins.

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I must admit this trip to the past evoques me the emotions from those marvellous and unforgettable years.

Luis Díaz

Cinematographic files analyst