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Maica Luis, sensual and sophisticated collage

Maica Luis, sensual and sophisticated collage

Maica explores the COLLAGE art field (analogically and digitally) as a tool to express and communicate herself, collaboration with many collectives and creating custom made collages. 

Cover description: Portada Palmeras

Picture of the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, dressed colorfully due to Pride Day. A day to celebrate diversity with Happiness and Peace, offering generosity and hospitality to the world.

In her own work, she likes to question, imagine, empower…where the women’s work has been an essential pillar all along her career trying to illustrate insinuation, delicacy, intimissy where self-love is used as a tool to Empower Women. 

She likes symbiosis between woman and nature, in all the possible combinations, using them as a tool of communication and creation. She also uses poetic metaphors to provoke emotions and feelings.

She spent a long period of time performing maternal photography, pregnancy, babies and families. During this work she created her own magazine– +Q9meses MaternidadHoy – It was the first paper related to these topics (2008-2015). 

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The project of this magazine was finished because of her own decision and she wanted to evolve into a more creative and intimate photography – she’s still working with women bu in other periods of their lives, trying to find where to search for feelings and emotions. enFemenino Sessions, -as she called them- are sessions for women to connect between them, re-defining and accepting the skin and the soul they live in… o reconstructing and setting free imagination, allowing them to be what they want to be.

On the other hand and in a really natural way she was focusing into new expression channels like decor for hotels, businesses, stores… There are two hotels with a whole decoration made by Maica in Las Palmas.