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Tomás Galván loves to talk freely in #Guiniguada every month

Tomás Galván loves to talk freely in #Guiniguada every month

Tomás Galván Montañez, 25 years old and a brilliant journal career on TV and radio.

Do you think you have more presence in the media this year during the sanitary crisis?

Radio is still here and it’s going to stay, although the tools and the ways we are communicating are changing drastically. Conventional radio indeed has lived a year where he has been developing its own functions: to inform and to accompany. And in this pandemic year we need these two concepts a lot. If Twitter, Whatsapp or Clubhouse went down, radio is going to stay sounding alive.

Where can we hear or watch you nowadays?

Since last august I’ve been on Canarias Radio. I also have the opportunity of growing up in Noveleros, in TV Canarias. I’m lucky to say I can manage ¡Qué buena hora! During its transmission on Saturdays from 11.00 am to 13.00 pm. A space to debate about news, culture and context. Noiseless radio. Oh! And I’ll be in #Guiniguada, in the theatre..

When did you begin this monthly collaboration with the Guiniguada’s Theatre?

#Guiniguada spent two seasons with the genius programs from Paco Sánchez and Cadáver Exquisito. I used to visit them as a part of the public, as a bystander, I really enjoyed the format they were performing there. In 2021, the team wanted to quit this initiative and Angulo Producciones, specifically Raúl Morán, proposed to me to continue this project. It is certainly a candy and it makes me able to explore new faces of my professional side, in a different genre, in life… I’m a good kid and #Guiniguada allows me to be naughty, so I’m growing as a person too!  

Which kind of experience are you offering to the public who assist to your gatherings in #Guiniguada?

This performance is 75 minutes where we don’t exactly know what is going to happen. It’s magic because of this! Each month there is a topic which leads the program. Is always a verb in infinitive and our mission is to conjugate it there. The show is open to famous people, collaborators and we’ll always have live music with young people. We talk about this verb and what it has to offer to the show.

What will be the topic of this month of June?

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PRIDE! Pride in capital letters, hehe. LGTBI Pride will be the topic due to the International Pride Day which will be celebrated the next 28 of June. The verb of this month will be TO BREAK FREE. Apparently, the word free has been perverted during the last few years. We’ll recover it and we’ll listen to those who are still defending it, we are going to celebrate it, we’ll complain and will enjoy it. I’m really excited to present this show, there’ll be surprises…

He said before finishing this interview: ´´If the future deserves staying with people, I’ll be fine”