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“Tu Aceite Solidario” performs a social and environmental labour

“Tu Aceite Solidario” performs a social and environmental labour

Tu Aceite Solidario, S.L. is an enterprise located in C/ Los Zapoteros 20, Tamareceite, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, whose main activity is to pick, to transport and to stock domestic-used vegetable oil.

It was found in 2018 trying to fulfill the citizens’ need of throwing this waste away.

The founding members of Aceite Solidario proposed to perform this social labour providing the citizens a way to help the environment and many other people.

Because of this reason, a part of the benefits collected are destined for social purposes.

Nowadays. Tu Aceite Solidario is focusing their research on installing a pick up point on neighborhoods, schools and high schools all along the municipality.

There are many collaborations with these enterprises in the city: Local Markets, Carrefour Hoya La Plata and the public society Sagulpa which had set up a deal recently with an installation of the first container in the Parking Intermodal of el Rincón. 

Environmental Benefits

Vegetable oil is a high risk waste related to the sewerage, a litre of this waste can contaminate 1.000 litres of regular water and create grease plugs, obstructions…etc causing an overrun to the Municipality.

Picking this waste is focused on converting it into Biodiesel, a fuel that contaminates 80% less than the regular fossil fuels. Biodiesel is right now taking 5% of the market of conventional fuels.

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Besides the 100% from the plastic picked during the routes are being delivered to the authorized manager, so according to the circular economy the recycling process is being productive. 

Social Benefits

At present, we collaborate with Banco de Alimentos de Las Palmas and Asociación Hoy por Ti Gran Canaria, who are receiving food donations as a part of our social commitment.We also collaborate with Asociación Iraitza Tapones Solidarios which are taking 100% of the plastic packaging we are picking.

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