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Canarian Association of hope in life with endometriosis

Canarian Association of hope in life with endometriosis

The association has been created to make visible and give support to all affected women and their families.

It affects at least one in ten women, it is an incidence comparable to that of diabetes, but with no reliable treatment or known cure.

The diagnosis time usually lasts 7-10 years, which causes: firstly, extreme physical and psychological suffering and, on the other hand, an extension of the disease that makes action, operation and avoiding side and secondary effects even more complicated.

It is a disease that develops like cancer because it produces adhesions in many parts of the body, like a metastasis, only that it is “benign”, meaning benign by non-cancerous tumors.

Since it is not fatal, it is not given adequate attention before, during, or after interventions. From the Association they want to change this vision and that the patients are treated as a whole and not only in a gynecological way.

In addition, they intend to have an action center where support and attention is provided in the form of talks, workshops; both for information and help. They already have nutrition professionals, for example…

It would be necessary that especially women specialists in different areas affected by the disease want to collaborate so that, in the future, those who do not have sufficient means can opt to receive physical and psychological medical care.

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President: Guayarmina Sosa

Vice President: Grace Santamaria