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Bone Fruit Month… Tirajana’s Apricots

Bone Fruit Month… Tirajana’s Apricots

When June and July arrive they bring the explosion of summer fruits, bone fruits. Peaches, 

nectarines, plums, flat peaches, medlars, cherries, apricots… they are fleshy fruits, juicy and full of nutrients.

We always must bet on seasonal fruits and vegetables. Today we’ll talk about our apricots. They are of the biggest production from the islands of Gran Canaria, in Tirajana.

It’s been more than 50 years since the region of Fataga started to cultivate apricots, it was extended to areas like Hoya Grande, Tunte, Manzanilla, la Hoya, Cercados de Arañas and other regions but with less production.

Since then this fruit has become the characteristic cultivation of these zones and little by little, the client is trying to find the famous “Tirajana’s Apricots”.

We are talking about more than 20 hectares of cultivation and an average production of 200.000 kg per year.

Is a delicate and tasteful fruit appreciated by our island and because it’s a seasonal fruit we can enjoy that original taste in the right moment, we can also find them in many markets and supermarkets.. 

For many years the Council of Gran Canaria and the Canary Government conducted campaigns to support and to promote the identity of this fruit and its origin. 

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The varieties cultivated traditionally in the island are Currot (or Mayero), Canino ( or Carricera), Sayeb, and Rojo tardío.

These are varieties which need specific requirements between 400 and 750 hours-cold.

The first variety can be found in markets (currots) which belongs to the group of varieties known as“Valencianas”, is a fruit characterised for being small, White-yellowish pulpes, soft skin and a great organoleptic character. 

Remember to consume 0KM products, season food… because it improves our heritage, our circular economy, a better food sustainability and to promote the occupation of rural lands preserving a dignified life and a dedication to build a better economic and social environment.