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Do you want to play with your band in municipalities of Gran Canaria?

Do you want to play with your band in municipalities of Gran Canaria?

Are you a musician and/or have a band? Do you compose original songs?

Are the 80% of the songs you play original?

If that is the case, JOIN the CIRCUITO INSULAR DE MUSICA DE GRAN CANARIA (INSULAR MUSIC TOUR OF GRAN CANARIA) and enter their catalogue so the municipalities of the island can hire you.


– Name of the singer or band.

– Name and surname of the contact person.

– Dossier with photos, videos and history of the components and project.

– Website or links to social media.

– Author or authors of the tracks (min. 80% of them must be original).

– Specify if the proposal has different formats (Solo, duets, trios, backing vocals).

– Need of techniques for each format proposed.

– Price of each format proposed.

Send all the information to the email or call the information number 928 43 21 80 if you have a question.

Share this great news to every musician you know, because they will surely be interested, considering that with this sanitary and economic crisis, the capacity measures, most of them having been able to perform since March 2020.

The same way there is a performing arts tour so theatre plays take place all over Gran Canaria, a musical tour has been created, so musicians can play and be hired by municipalities.

The City Councils want to hire artists from the Canary Islands and they know it, so in this times it is the moment to join and support each other.