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“In the bottom… there is art”: Carolina Bobino and Eduardo Delgado with all their might

“In the bottom… there is art”: Carolina Bobino and Eduardo Delgado with all their might

The beautiful sea bottom around our island cannot be appreciated by everyone.

The free drivers from Gran Canaria, Carolina Bobino and Eduardo Delgado, show us the landscapes under our shores, thanks to their photos published on Instagram. 

With their unique vision, different to the usual submarine photography, just equipped with a GoPro camera and without the help of compressed air cylinders, they free dive in the sea to show us there is no need to go far away to find the treasures the sea hides and that usually are overlooked. 

The sea is capricious, so we take advantage of the occasions when it is generous and let us portray it, so later on, it can be contemplated without getting wet”. 

“Plenty of times sea conditions are not good enough to take photos and we come back home without having taken a good shot”.  

There is no doubt that after seeing their photos most of us would say that they were taken in the Caribbean or other exotic places.  

Carolina’s easiness and flair to pose and Eduardo’s artistic eye make us wonder that it is not possible that these photos correspond to the bottom of Gran Canaria.

“We breathhold dive because it makes us be aware that it is not our environment, but at the same time it makes us freer and nimbler under water”.

“We plan the photo we want to take on the surface and squeeze those minutes we spent submerged”. 

The fact that their photos are taken while breathhold diving is praiseworthy for the difficulty. However, they always follow security measures and take the precautions needed. 

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You may see more photos on Eduardo’s Instagram profile @end_eduardodelgado     

On the other hand, Carolina has created a personal brand named Seachopaths, which we can translate it as sea psychopaths. Leveraging her illustration skills and combining it with her passion for the sea, she has designed a clothing and illustration line that will not go unnoticed by the sea lovers.

You may see her designs on her Instagram profile @seachopaths.

We hope that these two friends, sea lovers, keep diving and showing us that “in the bottom…there is art”.