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Galdós in the streets of his city

Galdós in the streets of his city

The Business Associations Area of Triana keeps with its plan of revitalization, encouragement and launch of the small and medium business on the historic center, Triana and Vegueta, and leveraging the centenary of our distinguished writer, Don Benito Pérez Galdós, in collaboration with the Charter 100 Gran Canaria platform and Asociación de Vegueta de Ocio y Restauración (AVOR) introducing the “Galdós en las calles de su ciudad” project.

The project has the collaboration of the Government of Canarias, through the Directorate-General for Trade; and the Council of Gran Canaria through the Tourism Board and the Department of Industry, Trade and Crafts; and the City Council of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria through the Government Area of Tourism, Employment and Local and Equality Development, Diversity and Solidarity, and the Council of the Central District.

It has been 100 years

In this year 2020, the centenary of Benito Pérez Galdós (Las Palmas 1843 – Madrid 1920) it is being celebrated, our beloved novelist, dramatist, chronicler, who as Cervantes, is considered as one of the most important authors of the Spanish language.

We must be proud to show the places where Mr Benito Pérez Galdós was born and spent his youth, hence, we propose the encouragement of knowledge, for locals and tourists, of this writer with different activities that will allow us to approach to his distinguished figure and his surroundings.

During the month of October a contest of “galdosian” shop window displays will be hold, where every participant will decorate their shop window displays inspired by the life and work of the author. 

The same way, a “galdosian” tapas contest will be hold where every plate must have, at least, one local ingredient, always being inspired by the author.

For each contest, expert judges will be named and will give three awards to the best tapas and shop windows.

During the event, the actor Rafa del Pino will participate, who with his character “Garbancero el Cocinero”, will introduce the event with a performance full of laughs, where the cook of Benito Pérez Galdós through songs and dances will talk about the tapas of the participants in the galdosian route.

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In addition, the company Trip Gran Canaria will carry out several guided tours through the historic center. 

The streets will be decorated with different structures designed with the creations of the artist of Gran Canaria Vesna Glez.