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MANGAS CORTAS Graphic Design made T-Shirts

MANGAS CORTAS Graphic Design made T-Shirts

The brand MANGASCORTAS was born from creativity and the good will of giving a fresh and different way to make T-shirts for men.

MANGASCORTAST ESTUDIO DE DISEÑO releases a new line of shirts after the lockdown, a perfect time to develop the ideas in the mind of their creators.

Designed in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 100% cotton and produced here, are a way to show the creativity in the island and the will of creating something new.

To create Mangascortast they use their selling experience and the comments of the clients from one of the selling points from other brands, MrMagico and Seres Ilustres, which have been living in FRAGOLA. Talking to their clients they claim a shirt brand for men with a different touch and something you cannot see in any other establishment.

It’s a timeless brand and they do not use seasonal trends or collections although they want to release a summer collection according to the design that will be called The Underwater Octopus.

Selling points: Fragola. Calle General Bravo 27, local 1.