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Have you ever wondered how much a film cost?

The average price of a Spanish production is around 3 millions euros in total. Meanwhile, a big Hollywood production many hundreds and hundred of millions may be spent for making it.

However, spending millions of dollars is not a safe bet for making a great movie, it doesn’t assure the company a blockbuster. A clear example of this may be the Spanish film “Ocho Apellidos Vascos”. This movie costs 4 millions euros and it could collect more than 7 millions in cinemas.

Nonetheless, we are only talking about the production costs.

After preparing the film to be watched, we also have to add the prices of distribution, promotion and marketing.

But let’s think bigger ¿how do we manage a “Hollywood’s Budget”? ¿how much shall we invest to recover some of the money spent and make it profitable?

Here we have a short list to make you figure it out: 

In the first place, we shall acquire the exploitation rights from a best seller. This may cost around 2 and 500 millions euros.

We shall spend 2 millions on the script.

Directors may cost around 10 millions of euros.

Producers 5 millions more.

The main characters and actors may make between 10 to 20 millions.

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Production expenses may rise from 1 to 10 millions more.

If you want to add some Special Effects you may add another 100 millions euros.

Do not forget the music, 1 million more.

There are less important expenses that you may include in this first Budget, which will improve the final Price of your investment.

Not forgetting the marketing campaign around the world. It can cost at least 50% of the total budget.

In the end, I want to think there are sources to promote making a film. There is always a method to bring a good idea to the biggest screens of the world.