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SUÁREZ DC, rock and roll in words

SUÁREZ DC, rock and roll in words

The grancanarian musician, leader of Teclados Fritos, came back to the recording studio with his last work ‘¡Encerrado!’, edited by Los 80 Pasan Factura.

“¡Encerrado!” is a rock and roll album; I’m going to change this time! He said.

“Living the lockdown and the sanitary crisis it’s something you can not ignore”

José María Suárez, the leader from the band Teclados Fritos and Besos Rabiosos, set a flag this new year 2022 with a song collection which were made during the pandemic situation.

13 songs recorded in an album called ¡Encerrado! (Locked Down!) and edited by the label Los 80 Pasan Factura, is going to re-launch the music trajectory from Suárez DC

For 10 years Jose María Súarez haven’t recorded a single piece of music, his last work was Boy (Cuarto Azul, 2007), the third reference of Suárez DC, and of the main titles of the heading album from Teclados Fritos included in the debut album Teclados Fritos (Movieplay, 1979), which was remastered in this last edition. The discographic of Suárez DC was completed with Errequeerre (Noda Records, 2003), and Vaya día llevo (La Estación, 1993), signed as Suárez.

Todos tienen miedo, Tu vida no cambia, Tirado en el bar o La Calle, a free version from Street Life (1973), of Roxy Music, are songs which launch Jose María Suárez again who has changed after the lockdown “In this songs you may find the intranquility of living the quarantine. It’s something you cannot avoid or ignore and these last songs talk about that”, says the singer.

“During the lockdown I started to compose and to try new things. Stuff I left behind” which are part of this last album ¡Encerrado!.

The canary musician had the will of recording a live album before launching this new album. A project which has been dropped after the Covid19 situation due to present this new collection of songs.

Emilio Molina, the last drummer of Teclados Fritos, designed the drumming section; María Rodriguez and Javier Oliveira made the vocals; and Carlos Ramos the arrangements in the song Mi novia es fenomenal. 

The process of recording and editing the album was complex, as José María Suárez acknowledges. Previously he had dared to record some demos “but never an entire album”, he acknowledges. And in this case, and “since I was involved in the entire process of recording the album, I had no criteria to decide what was right and what was not, and I needed a person with criteria to put the album on track.”

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The man from Gran Canaria placed himself in the hands of Daniel Altarriba, who co-produced and mixed Suárez’s new vintage at WaveUp Mastering (Madrid). “I contacted Daniel Altarriba, a close friend of a friend from Madrid, who has been working for 30 years and has produced more than 300 albums. I sent him all the raw material and he knows how to get the most out of it . He has mastered it and done a complete job.”

Suárez defends that these are still good times for rock and roll.

With an invariable formula in his latest production and which he prints in his new repertoire, guitar riffs, short and catchy lyrics that portray the day to day, he declares that he has no desire to change register. “I keep going wrong, almost without faith, but I keep going. And Locked Up! It’s a rock and roll album, at this point why am I going to change!”, he exclaims.

Suárez is only rock and roll, proof of this are the songs that sponsor his return. Although as he points out, not everything goes in this business. “Right now I don’t have a band and I’m tired of playing with amateurs, because it’s not worth it anyway, even if it’s rock and roll; each hit has its place, its time and its roll, if it’s not like that it becomes a din, a disaster”.

Diego F. Hernández