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The vinyl store NO FUN RECORDS works for you to find any music you love

The vinyl store NO FUN RECORDS works for you to find any music you love

No Fun Records is a vinyl and book store located in Calle Eusebio Navarro 28, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. 

They work with vinyls from new and old bands, also with re-editions. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, you can order them and they’ll find them for you.

You can also find every single accessory for vinyl preservation. 
In the library of the store, you may find a huge variety of music topic books, graphic novels and your favourite books in general.

You can also order books if you cannot find them in the store.

Preservation of the vinyl album

To preserve the best sound of our vinyl albums and to make them last the longest time possible we must take care of them. These carings are not demanding, but they are highly recommended.

We only need some elements we can find in No Fun Records, for this purpose and with a daily routine, it will take only 1 minute each album. 

First steps to clean your vinyl album is to sweep it with a small brush made of thorns or velvet. There’s not a big difference between these two materials, it depends on our taste. With this object we’ll clean the dust from the album.Repeat this process a few times and it will be enough. This will remove the static electricity from the vinyl, which makes dust stuck on the surface.

We may find some vinyls with dirt, especially when we buy second hand stock. Don’t be afraid! With a spray we can easily remove this dirt. Apply it in the upper area and wait for the liquid to be expanded in the whole disc, wait a couple of seconds and rub a suede on the surface. If after rubbing the suede there is still dirt on the album, apply the spray closer on it again.

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