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Being Proud of Being Free

Being Proud of Being Free

June is the month of LGTBI+ Pride so we’ll talk about Word Freedom, what it means, what’s real behind this concept, and what’s important. We’ll talk about life, our lifes, the life of those who have lived hard times. We’ll talk about you and me.

What’s important is not to drink a beer in a bar, what’s important is that someone else you are drinking with is able to live wherever he or she wants with whoever she or he wants. Not caring about gender. What’s important is if this person is able to study in the College or is being attended for our Public Services.

Because this reason, we are happy that the last 26th of May in the Canary Islands the Autonomic Law of Social Equality and No Discrimination due to Sexual Identity, Gender Expression and Sexual Characteristics was adopted unanimously.

Many different political parties have qualified this day as a historic day and they have celebrated the general agreement between other parliamentarian groups. This new law goes forward to avoid the pathologising of the transexual community and the determination of gender. A law that doesn’t need to prove the identity of these people using a psychological document.

This TRANS LAW made our community a reference not only for Spain, but Europe.

“Canary Islands are proud”

Freedom is an ability which makes us able to perform any activity in any point of our life according to our rights and wills.

Personal freedom implies the previous knowledge of the consequences of our acts and its limited when it affects the rights of other people. 

There are physical (actions) and ideological (thoughts, opinions, beliefs) freedom.

We have to understand the relevance of this values alongside the integral creating process of human beings: 

Freedom manifestations:

Freedom of speech

Freedom of opinion

Freedom of association

See Also

Freedom to profess any religion

Freedom of movement

Freedom of election: that means, to be free in the private sphere, including the sexual ambit.

Jean Paul Sartre perfectly expressed this term when he said: “My freedom stops where the other’s begins”

To live freely is simple; live and let live…

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