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He tells us…

I love music since I have memories.

“La llorona” was played all the time on Tata’s record player (my grandmother), perhaps that was the beginning. The beginning of an immeasurable love and sense for music.

Music for me has been an obsession, sometimes insane, to collect sounds, voices and souls of those artists who reached the depths of my senses with the feeling of becoming a speaker to share what for me was a love of worship; The vinyl.

On that trip I discovered sound passages from other times, wonderful cultures of those spirits far removed from nonconformity.

I started this profession thanks to my friend Javi “La Fábrica”. I owe him my devotion to DJing in public and sharing my cursed artists. It was around 2007 at the local “Rooming” where I debuted as a Dj Vamp.

My meaning as a DJ has always been to offer special sessions of Culture B, forbidden music from other times and feel united with the public in a ritual of good vibrations. That is what makes me feel alive and connected to everything and everyone.

After that I had several session proposals and I got together with a colleague to form Vampkiller for 9 years full of shared feelings with the public. .

I’m currently DjVamp, nice to meet you…

I like to DJ because I feel that this way I can transmit my passion for music and make the people who are at that moment vibrate with it and make it unique and unforgettable.

What kind of music do you like to listen to at home?

I take advantage of every moment I can to listen to music, investigate sounds, travel through Martian universes to continue learning and renewing my musical stock, although I have a weakness for opera and swing.

What style do you like to DJ?

I don’t have a pattern. I believe that each moment is unique, I like to improvise and get carried away by the vibrations of people.

The spectrum of my genres includes Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues, surf, sixties garage, soul, swing or glam, among others.

Your favorite song to dance to is…

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Ultra Twist—The Cramps

Your favorite album is…

One of them is Bob Diddley’s Gold

Your favorite artist is…

The truth is that I admire and idolize many artists, but the one that has scarred me the most since I was a teenager and has been my hero is the great and beloved David Bowie.


Apart from finishing the Architecture degree, my participation as a musical selector in the Big Bang Vintage Festival that will be held on October 7, 8 and 9 in the San Telmo Park in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

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