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Visit Gran Canaria with a refreshed look

Visit Gran Canaria with a refreshed look

In Gran Canaria you have thousands of plans within reach to enjoy it, you may want to go on a route through the most emblematic historic districts of the island, a journey through its shoreline towns or feel the nature of its unbelievable interior landscapes. Taste the local products in the infinity of gastronomic proposals you will find in whichever path you take and make the most of its wide cultural offer, its history and heritage, it is waiting for you. 

There is a chance that you might not know some of the treasures hidden in the museums, ethnographical centres, symbolic buildings, internationally acknowledge protected areas, natural swimming pools, beaches and infinite places of  Gran Canaria; and what could be a better time for seeing them again that with a new look. 

Live unique experiences finding out more about our wonders and let yourself be surprise step by step through the tourist attractions of our great destination.

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