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Films and tv shows of zombies belong to a genre which never dies and, bite by bite, has come alive to our screens today.

Since they were popularised by George Romero, this rotten producto has become the big meal for the horror films lovers.

One of the characteristics of the zombie is its slow walk and its clumsy behaviour alongside their ferocious appetite for human brains. And although the scene becomes hard and you are surrounded by them, you’ll always have time to escape from them, as an infallible claim they will take a lagging character by their strap shirt (everyone knows is the better way to avoid being bitten…) who will be eaten for the others safety. Unfailable plot for now..

Those who had brains in their head are the new creators of zombie stories. There will no longer be those dancers of Thriller, the famous song of Michael Jackson. These new zombies run their asses off. They perform teamwork to make life of the survivors almost impossible, who are locked down waiting to be eaten.

They are still finding new formulas, something incomprensible scientifically, like killing them with a head shot or curiosities like dying with an Armani suit and waking up from the dead with dirty rags..

Why do we love this genre?

I’d say we love this genre because of the influences in the collective mind. Remember that in 2012, the Control and Prevention of Sickness Center of the USA published a Guide to Survive a Zombie Invasion.

If we can take something clear from this is that we have to kill the zombie, there’s no way out, and we have to use any resource we count with, no regrets.

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There’s nothing more justifiable than killing an annoying neighbor with a head shot if he has become a zombie.

The main attraction of these creatures could be related to the idea of Apocalipsis, the end of the world as we know it. An idea which keeps scaring us with new prophecies decade by decade.

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