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 A men in love with lights

 A men in love with lights

My name is Fernando Ruiz de Apodaca Cardeñosa, as my mother says with the ”Cardeñosa” included, that although it is a very long and compound last name, she also exists, a great cook by the way. I studied telecom engineering, but I don’t do that, I dedicate myself to lamps.

I am in love with light at all levels, I feel the light as if they were drops of water. Magical things happen to light and its photons, such as the refraction effect, an effect that is easy to understand when we insert a stick into a pool and see how it twists, but no, it doesn’t, does it? ”Magic”.

Inspired by this incredible concept, I developed my own patent for glass optics to manufacture LED lamps (US10066808).

When I began to dedicate myself to technical lighting, I carried out projects in Barcelona from which I learned a lot about light, projects such as the lighting of the Rey Juan Carlos hotel, or the prestigious FCB. Years later I met my friend Raúl, a “creative interior designer” with his own workshop where he not only designed his furniture, but he himself did it with his own hands, together we started a new creative line, the exciting world of decorative lighting, where almost anything goes.

But I am from the Canary Islands and sooner or later the vast majority of us want to return to our land, and here I am, with my new workshop in Las Palmas de G.C., very close to San Telmo Park, an intimate place where, together with the collaboration of my father, , another great creative in life, I create and enjoy the exciting world of lamp design.

Wooden lamps designed by my father. ”Pinocchio with his dog”.

I currently work in this way, the client provides us with the design/idea of ​​what he wants and then we produce it in the workshop or, they offer me some creative freedom and together with my partner Nayra (Architect), we carry out the lighting study and create wonderful lamps.

Something that I’m passionate about lately is that the “real” lamp is back in fashion, the classic golden one with round or oval balls, using the method of repulsing or folding brass, in this sense I couldn’t have had more luck, since there is a turner in Madrid who makes me all kinds of parts to make all kinds of lamps, what I call the alphabet of decorative lamps, a true wonder.

My brand’s Instagram is, but recently it occurred to me to create a new profile @elingeniodelaslamparas, more personal and informal, from where I will tell everyone how lamps are made, their secrets STEP by STEP.

 If you like lamps, I encourage you to follow me.

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