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In the midst of Oscar season, World Film Day is celebrated on the second Saturday in February to celebrate the way movies have captivated the hearts and minds of moviegoers around the world for more than 100 years. Since their creation, movies have transcended geography, language, time, and culture, connecting us all through the power of storytelling.

The first celebration of this anniversary took place before the 92nd Oscars, in 2020.

Therefore, in 2023 it will be the next February 11.

The greatest motivation for this celebration, which after the major setbacks caused by the pandemic in the entertainment industry seems more necessary than before, is to remember the power of cinema. World Film Day reminds us of what we appreciate about movies and what we miss coming together to see them.

Pay a special tribute to movies and movie lovers from around the world, and thus foster a very close bond with members of the Academy and filmmakers, through social networks.

The magic of cinema gives us a transformative and personal experience. Each film is a lesson learned, an inspiration and an emotion that touches us to the last fiber of our being.

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So reserve a seat especially for you, prepare some delicious popcorn, accompanied by a good drink. Invite someone special to share this wonderful day. Post your all-time favorite movies on social media.

To all moviegoers Happy World Film Day!