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Mel Omana, dance and “sabrosura” stir the tropical fruit salad of her own music

Mel Omana, dance and “sabrosura” stir the tropical fruit salad of her own music

I don’t want to wait for the future
If I don’t have myself now, I swear
I’m out of troubles and conjurings
I’m a dealing woman, not a tricky girl

She is called Melodía and her name suits her perfectly

She borned in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria the 12th of september of 1989. She told us:

I’ve been singing and composing since I was a teenager. In 2007 I found my fusión music band and I rolled all along the music pubs of the Canary Islands and the Mainland of Spain singing on my own.

And during this tour, in 2016 I took a guitar and a ukulele and I started to interpret my own songs, uploading them on Facebook and tracking the results. Since this moment, I knew I wanted to be an artist fulltime and not to stop learning how to improve. I like to define myself like a renacentist woman. The music inside of me is located in the center and eating and drinking what I do. I also studied Social Education. Humanist geography and natural medicine, You can imagine these topics are transmitted in my songs. 

My life and my circumstances are a very important part of my music. I’ve suffered, like anyone. I did fight, like everyone. And I want everyone to know this when I sing. I suffered from a anxiety disorder which brought me back to Cuba in 2017 and it was there when I got involved into the cuban folklore. That’s how I started my first professional project #EatPapaya (LatinRap).


“Is a message of love, freedom and equality served into a fruit salad where papaya (woman) is the centre of everything. And also a project where dancing and “sabrosura” stir the fruit salad.

The fruit salad is going to be changed and it’s going to be filled with other fruits and other rhythms, some other producers and amazing collaborators. The season fruit is the papaya and now it’s time to taste it and try another one. Are you into that?”

I’ve got fire
I’ve got love
Little papaya with huge taste
I do have buttocks
I’ve got Flow
So If you want them, try to get them

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In february this first single was created inside the idea of MISSTURA, called Bendita which contains 3 singles:

“Bendita , Trapo y Ruqui Cuqui”.

After this, comes the album “CONMIHIGO” which contains 11 songs, with 3 collaborations, one of them is Emanero an artist from Argentina. 

+ Info:

Rocio Ayelén Bengolea
+34 695 03 37 40