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 Muda is a breather, a textless post-hardcore soundtrack

 Muda is a breather, a textless post-hardcore soundtrack

MUDA is a recently created instrumental post-hardcore duo from the Island of Tenerife (2021). They broke into a pandemic with small and powerful instrumental pieces. Silent, a logo that is a pause, a mute, a respite from the excess of text.

Cristo, guitar, and Cas, drums, can reveal their influences just by listing some of the groups they have been through in the last three decades: The Mistake, Milk Fiction, 466/64 or We Were Heading North.

Recorded by Ayoze Hernández at Guamasa Estudios in Tenerife, it has the design and layout of Johnny Piñeiro who, from Gran Canaria, continues to reflect his art on more and more record covers.

Yucatán 1, Estral that enjoys a recommendable video, Dragon’s Tail, Flehmen, Nijmegen, Black Arena that we already knew through the networks, Boca ratón and Yucatán II are the pieces that make up a well thought out, structured, composed, recorded, mastered album , executed and, let’s just say it, ironed.

This November they will be presenting this first LP, a 12″ at 45rpm, in Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote, to later hit Barcelona and Madrid in December.

Co-edited by the labels Los 80 Pasan Factura from Tenerife and Godbox Records from Barcelona.

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However, as a true exercise of cooperation, it has the support of projects that are almost one-person but tremendously community-based, such as the production company Planet Caravan or the record label El Hombre Bala Records from Tenerife. In addition to the Canarian music distributor Merkanarias, based in Gran Canaria although shamelessly it is one of the most internationalist projects that disseminates records from the islands, and the veteran Sancocho Webzine from Lanzarote, which has several co-editions to its credit.

A record to make it roll, for reverie and conscious enjoyment. A raw LIVE PERFORMANCE and without artifice for the new bad times that run.