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Omayra Cazorla, brings us the new show Escandalo with no censorship

Omayra Cazorla, brings us the new show Escandalo with no censorship

The comedian from Gran Canaria Omayra Cazorla will offer the 24 of October, at 20:30, her new show Escandalo.

The artist who defines herself as “a dazed actress, verbal feminist and monologuist” is licensed in Dramatic Arts and Social Worker specialised in margination and exclusion.

“Escandalo” is a funnier and rougher comic monologue that won’t leave anyone indifferent, because the laugh is an emotional expression very familiar to the human being.

The moment people gather, laugh is born.

But there are some conditions.

In the first place, something antinatural has to happen, something crazy, lacking common sense; and what provokes must be something we are all familiarised with.

The success of Omayra Cazorla resides in that familiarity, that closeness. She defines her monologue as:

“A text without censorship, that is risky and daring, from her grotesque character, to denounce using the comedy as a tool and the laughs as an excuse to speak the truth. In a world where words are hidden for the fear of the free speech, we will shake the minds so that the escandalo (scandal) is the flag of the revolution”.

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It is not a secret that making others laugh is very difficult, but she manages to do it with ingenuity, naturality, charism, passion and above all, throwing light on everyday situations.

From that mentality she builds her monologues. She is inspired by her experiences and by what people tells her. The key, without a doubt, is observing.  
The comedian understands that social medias are platforms that favour the reaching of the public; that is why since the beginning of her career she has shared her talent on Facebook, as she realised that comedy is an ideal tool to build a better society.

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