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In 2019 the singer and musician from Tenerife Pedro Guijarro uploaded to the mainstream platforms of music 4 songs with the title of “Algas”. 

Currently, Los 80 Pasan Factura are in charge of editing it into a CD, as strange as it may seem to edit an album that has had a journey through the network of networks.

With more than 80 edited refences between books and albums from the record label, this new EP of 4 songs from Pedro Guijarro is edited 14 years after the edition of the first album under the label of Los 80 Pasan Factura. That first album was a mini CD of 5 songs from Pepe Guijarro, accompanied for the occasion by Fafe and Manolo El Máquina, both competent from Ataúd Vacante.

Pedro Guijarro is one of the best lyricists and composers of pop songs from Tenerife, who as others with the category of Pablo Meneses and Edui Bercedo, took part in some of the main bands which shifted the music scene in the islands during the 80s.

Member of Moral Femenina, Afán de Lucro and Francotiradores among others, it was as the singer of Los Diplomáticos the longest he has been active.

La nevera, Tu nombre, Recuerdos de la nada and Las algas are the 4 songs that form this new EP we introduce as a preview of the next discographic project, which it is been developed, with exactitude, for this 2020.

For this new project the band has been formed by Carlos Bajo Crosa “Kato” with the drums, Mon Castrillo with the bass, Francis Díaz from La Pista Búlgara and Los Diplomáticos with the guitars, and has counted on the collaboration of Jonás with the backing vocals and the keyboards.

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All the songs composed, written and sung by Pedro Guijarro, constituted the faithful witness of an unavoidable commitment with the extreme beauty turned into a song. 

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