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Magazine November 2020

Magazine November 2020

To those “one night-stand” girls

A “one night-stand girl” is an identity that exert control and a supreme power over Patriarchy and the hegemony of the misoginy stealthily. Is the overtone which prevails over the women despite our progress as a society.

The starry nights are not as bright as the used to be.

The stars are losing their brilliance as our society loses the respect for those women who make use of their sexual freedom.

This is not for you, neither me, this is not made for anyone in particular.

This is for everyone of us, women.

This was made for everything that still represents the sexual freedom of the women to this day.

And that, lay on us all, women.

Most of us have been weakened by the patriarchal eye.

We have taken a look on our own past with certain affection, but keeping in mind that we haven’t succeed our own expectatives.

But “fulfill our own expectatives” is the biggest ploy that Patriarchy have spreaded out… “The Good Women must…”, The Good Women have to…”

“Must” and “have to” are burning the butterflies in our stomach, those which make us bloom. And those that make us learn.

“Must” and “have to” are dramas. A math equation which results in respect, as they taught us.

Because women have always special nights that evolved into frustrated mornings.

Precisely, because of not following this Moral Codex.

Because of not arriving at home before 12.00 pm and not losing our glamour.

And those girls that won’t come back… those are the “one night-standing girls”.

I would say to this girls loudly and clearly.

If I met them in the toilet of a disco or in every “waiting bench”.

You’re special. You’re clever. You’re beautiful.

You’re unique.

Whoever you are.

Go straight and keep your head up!

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Show your smile to those who made you doubt. Because showing your wonderful smile is the best weapon against mediocrity. And oblivion.

I would say this one thousand times, because when you repeat this sentence to a sister you empower her and society prevails as a winner…

These words make you feel an inner bright-purple force.

This force is called Feminism and it combines with emotional freedom.

You girls fight! This emotional freedom is the best that could ever happen to us.

Every “one night-together girls” are precisely the brightest night it has ever been.

And it competes with the brightest day, promoted by the Patriarchy.

Amalia M. Fajardo

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