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Myths and lies of the seventh art

Myths and lies of the seventh art

There are many myths created by cinema and television that people take for granted and that almost no one doubts, hoaxes turned into a false reality.

As, for example, in many movies we see that the protagonist breaks the window or goes through it as if it were paper, but breaking glass is not easy. Because if the blow doesn’t kill you, the crystals will.

Another lie is that you have to keep the phone off the hook for 30 seconds to locate the call. Tracing can be done, but it requires the consent of the company and can easily take more than 30 minutes.

They have also tried to sell us that if a car rolls over it immediately explodes in a cloud of fire. And the same thing happens if we shoot any part of the chassis at random. Lie.

Explosions and sounds in space: the point is that in space sound is not transmitted due to the vacuum. And large explosions from burning ships would need oxygen to spread the fire.

The use of chloroform is not as effective as the movies have led us to believe. To begin with, it is not immediate, but it takes about 5 minutes to take effect. And it doesn’t let you sleep for several hours either, just dizzy.

As far as firearms are concerned, a shot to certain parts of the body does not kill you. What can kill you is the subsequent shock or blood loss.

Shooting a lock to open it is foolish. First, because the padlock can withstand the shot and possibly the bullet will ricochet. And actually, the muffler slightly muffles the noise, but it doesn’t blind you. In fact, three noises are produced when firing, when it detonates, the bullet breaking the sound barrier and the casing falling to the ground.

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And if we go into other topics such as animals, according to the latest studies, the Tyrannosaurus Rex was not capable of running, and it should not roar either. Rather, it would be a kind of thirty-meter chicken or platypus, with a crop and feathers. Of course, with a voracious appetite.


Don’t believe everything you see.